Every morning millions of people reach out to get a cup of coffee. They go through drive thru options, coffee shops, or they make it at home with a coffee machine. There’s nothing wrong with these options, but they don’t really give you the taste profile of true artisan beans. While some may argue about this, the truth of the matter is that this is an incredible thing to pursue. Once you try the brew that comes from an AeroPress, for instance, you may never think about the morning grind in the same way.

Hacking The Experience

Some analysts have gone on record to state that the AeroPress is hacking the coffee making experience. It’s easy to see why. When you purchase and use this kit, you are compressing water and coffee into a mesh of oils and saturation that gives you a strong cup. While this is a fast paced solution, it completely changes the notion of the caffeinated beverage. The hack here is more scientific than most will admit. When using this solution however, you are pushing the limits through a vacuum sealed solution that is not too unlike a French press, although this is a bit less “fancy” in how it works.

The Methodology Changes

What most people don’t understand is that there’s method to the madness here. The “hacking” really starts to come to light in how you use the press itself. Some people swear by letting the pour-over sit, others say you should stir it, others talk about the grind and the temperature. However, as you may denote from the championships that were held in Istanbul, and even Seattle, the methodology could very well change the taste profile, but it’s the machine that does the heavy lifting.

The Chamber Changes The Flavor

The chamber here is the key component that you have to consider. The chamber isolates the beans and water and infuses flavors directly. The chemistry here allows for chocolate, fruit, or any other elements to push through. Creativity is the key here, as many attempt to change the methods and figure out how to best use the AeroPress.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll find that this is a coffee making option that dives into the DIY level. Not only that, you’re going to find that it can be used in traditional manners. Boil your water, grind your coffee, and pour over before you press, and taste. However, if you’re inventive, this kit could very well give you a whole new picture and perception of coffee.