Could you possibly make the AeroPress any better? Well, some people will argue that you can do this with relative ease. The key is to focus on the steps to inverting things. There’s some solid science that goes into this notion, and something that even “Mr. Coffee” tried to take on with their filtration systems. If you are going to test this out, you are going to want to look at a few reasons why inverting your press is the key to getting a much better tasting cup of coffee.

The Filter Element

First and foremost, the reason why many people believe that this is the key to getting the best is the filter. When you pour the hot water you want to use directly through the filter, more of the elements that you don’t want in your coffee will come through. That’s one thing to consider, but people will argue that it’s not going to help much. You are “boiling” water after all, and that should be the key to your brew in the first place.

The Quality of the Beans

The filtration element is definitely one of the main reasons why people invert, but the second is the beans. The coffee beans that you use will get a far better infusion of the water and therefore release their oils. The oils that you want released will give the coffee you drink an incredible taste. That’s something that you may not get from your average coffee shop. Remember, when you go to breakfast somewhere, they are using hot water, paper filters, and sub-par beans. This is not the case with the AeroPress, or at least one hopes not. The quality of the bean and the grind matters a great deal in this regards.

The Press Does The Work

Ok, the real methodology here is actually a matter of just using the AeroPress to begin with. While you can work with inversion, and hope that you can get that quality taste, the chances are that the press is really doing all the work anyways. You’ll have to test out both options. Test the inverted solution with the filter getting the water first, or try another method, and see which works best for you. Both arguments are definitely worth considering, especially when it comes to using this fine solution for a better cup of coffee.