Coffee Grinders

The Kyocera CM-50CF is the perfect grinder to travel with anywhere. It is a manual grinder so no need for electricity, also while using it you get a nice arm workout. To get the best coffee you need the best grind and the coffee grinder we have for sale is simply the best at what it does. The Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder can get the finest grind for all your favourite beans. To be able to grind your coffee anywhere you go is an amazing innovation but to be able to grind your coffee perfectly anywhere you go is pure genius. And if you are a multitasking coffee person, the Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder can also be used as a spice grinder. If you like to cook with flare while you are out and about, this coffee grinder is perfect for you and everything you do here in Australia or anywhere in the world.

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