Making a cup of coffee isn’t complicated. You can go through a lot of different processes. But what you may not know is that you’re not really getting a good cup. You may scoff at the notion, but it’s true. Millions in fact don’t know what a quality cup of coffee is or tastes like. To change all of that, the introduction of the Aeropress has been changing things up. This may seem like a trendy element for artisan coffee, but it’s actually a lot simpler. It takes the notion of fresh coffee and it literally injects it into a cup for you. This may sound insane, but when you start to compare the simple reasons why this is something to love, you may never go back to drip methods every again.

Absolutely Simple

Instead of fumbling with a coffee maker, grinder, and trying to figure out measurements to get a cup, this press makes it easy. You grind, pour, and press. Imagine the simplicity of a French press, only even easier. You measure your coffee, and you add water, and boom. The secret to this is in the brew method and the filter that comes alongside with it. The press creates purity in the brew and you will taste nothing but heaven from the beans.

It’s Inexpensive

Look at the cost of a coffee maker. Look at the cost of a “good” one. You’ll find that you can spend a fortune trying to get the right taste profile. That’s not the case when you look at this option. For a low cost, you could be making cups of coffee for less than 0.60 per cup. That’s right. This is an inexpensive design, and option that is revolutionizing how people think about their morning cup of coffee. This will not break the bank.

Use It For Tea

Don’t like coffee? Ok, well the Aeropress makes exquisite tea. If you like loose leaf varieties, test this out. It will filter things out that you don’t want, and create an outstanding taste profile that is hard to compete with. Once you test this option out, you will not go back to another format, guaranteed. This is not just hearsay, it’s being exclaimed across the world of caffeinated hot beverages.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what you want out of your coffee. If it’s taste above all else, this is one of the greatest methods possible.